Småland for children

“Småland for children” aims at children aged 3-12 and at all adults loving Småland and its magic. Follow in book’s first part a troll and an elf travelling all over Småland as they see a countryside full with fantasy and magic. Sometimes with a twinkle in their eyes, and always with beautiful pictures.

The book’s second part is a travel guide to Småland’s attraction which troll and elf loves most. And the book’s third part tells about Swedish inventions and inventors. Furthermore there is a detachable part at the end of the book where you can draw, colour, design stories and tinker. Discover your creativity!

Here you can look at some pages:

“Thank you so much for your book. It is lovely and playful, and I really enjoyed reading it. I especially liked your emphasis on the beautiful nature in Småland. Astrid Lindgren would have loved that. I am sure that a lot of people will use your book as a tour-guide. And it is brilliant that the text is in three languages. Very inspirational! Thank you! Best regards, Agnes”
/Agnes-Margrethe Bjorvand, Universitetet i Agder/Norge. Agnes har skrivit sin doktoravhandling om Astrid Lindgren och är författarinnan till en vackert illustrerad biografi om Astrid Lindgren för barn, ISBN 9789177010906, finns hos Adlibris och Bokus.

The book has 41 pages with soft cover. Photos are mainly by Christian Holzer, Emma Jansson and by the author himself. Layout has been done by Emma Jansson.

ISBN-number is 978-91-981913-7-0.

The book is available at book stores, the tourist offices Vimmerby and Hultsfred and also at most of the places which are described in the book; also at all major bok-webbshops in Sweden. You can also order directly at Emma Janssons webbshop.

You can download the creative part of the book here: Diary (ca 1 MB) and the creative part (ca 10 MB).

And here you can se the author Christiane Hamborg, discussing some of her ideas with a troll:

This troll lives close to the hill fort Skanseberg beyond the small village Pelarne, where Astrid Lindgrens parents married i a beautiful church. But it is not easy to find the troll ….